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A Visit From the Other Side of the World

Mr Fletcher Wears Qutibas Keffiyah

Photo: Mr. Fletcher tries on Qutiba's keffiyah.

This story was originally published by the Facebook page for the Lighthouse School.

As first trimester comes to an close, a large group of Lighthouse students gathered in Mr. B's room this afternoon to listen to and ask questions of a guest speaker panel.

Mehsan from Bangladesh, Omer from Turkey, and Qutiba from Palestine [West Bank] who are all high school students here in the Twin Cities on exchange through the YES (Youth Exchange and Study) program this school year were glad to share about their countries and culture this afternoon. Mehsan and Qutiba were surprised to learn that within the Lighthouse were students with Bangladeshi and Palestinian heritage! It's a small world.

Qutiba Demonstrates Dabke

The Lighthouse students enjoyed hearing about the history, culture, famous landmarks and cities, climate, foods and currencies in the three countries. After each presentation there were questions. Among other thoughtful questions, our students wanted to know more about their language, geography and foods. The exchange students also briefly talked about the similarities and differences between their high schools and the American high schools they're attending this year here in Minnesota. Qutiba engaged the audience by teaching five volunteer Lighthousians a little bit of a traditional Palestinian dance that is common at weddings and celebrations. He also shared his keffiyeh, which is a scarf commonly worn in Palestine, by letting a few (even Mr. Fletcher) try it on.

The Lighthouse left having some questions answered, and hopefully what they heard will encourage them to delve even further into these interesting and diverse countries!

Thank you to LH parent, Amanda Hauck and her family for arranging the panel along with a big thanks to the three students who took the time to visit and let us take a peek into their world! 

All three students in this story - Qutiba Wahsh (West Bank), Mehsan Maharib (Bangladesh), and Omer Karas (Turkey) - are YES 2017 - 2018 students hosted by Ayusa in St. Louis Park MN. 

Yes Students With Amanda Hauck

Photo: Omer, Mehsan, and Qutiba with Amanda Hauck, the Ayusa local coordinator who arranged the event at the school.


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