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SDG 2030 Summit for West Africa

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals are set to be achieved by 2030 through the efforts of change agents around the world. Now, more than ever, organizations and affiliates of the UN are focusing more on the SDGs, promoting the vision of the featured 17 goals while encouraging the world to develop SDG-oriented projects and initiatives. As service-oriented youth of action, YES alumni have proven to be change agents who are fully committed to the global solutions promoted by each SDG. 

The SDG 2030 three-day summit for the West African Region will officially introduce YES alumni to the SDGs, help alumni develop innovative ways to provide solutions for societal problems using the SDGs, and teach participants how to effectively influence their community leaders to support their initiatives. The summit is equipped with a variety of session topics including project planning, communications, and leadership. As a platform for the youth, SDG 2030 also serves as an inclusive conversation for YES alumni to address issues affecting their communities while discussing solutions.

YES alumni who demonstrate interest in identifying and developing innovative solutions to address problems in the community and who are committed to developing their knowledge and application of the UN SDGs will be invited to attend from the following eligible countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.

Workshop Objectives:

By the conclusion of SDG 2030, participants will...

  • Be able to effectively identify and communicate the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Be able to plan, organize, and execute projects that fulfill an SDG goal (s).
  • Have increased skills in communicating ideas and plans of action to government officials and community leaders.
  • Be able to build awareness around their global goal projects, internationally.
  • Be motivated and prepared to execute strategic projects to influence change in their communities. 

Download the application here! 

Candidates should complete the application and submit it to their local YES staff with a passport copy by November 10, 2017 (dates may vary by country).


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