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Seven Ways Alumni Advocated for Public Health in November

Zain Shehadeh Yes 14 Jordan For Hope And Love 1
Zain Shehadeh Yes 14 Jordan For H Ope And Love 3
Ribbons and blank cards were left out for people to write letters to cancer patients.

1.  Donating hair to create natural wigs is a powerful gesture of support for women undergoing cancer treatment. Zain Shehadeh (YES ’14) noticed that natural wigs are incredibly expensive in Jordan, so she created For Hope and Love to collect hair donations. On November 11, Zain organized her first For Hope and Love event, collecting 58 hair donations, 1 pre-made wig, and over $660, along with 90 letters of support! Undoubtedly, these women will feel the hope and love from their community, thanks to Zain.

2.  In Pakistan, alumni noticed a dire need for effective public health awareness campaigns in marginalized communities after numerous dengue fever outbreaks across the country. To address the problem, alumni in Charsadda, Faisalabad, Karachi, Mardan, and Peshawar came together to organize and execute eight medical camps and four dengue fever awareness camps during November. By the end of their campaign, over 4,000 patients had been helped thanks to the alumni’s efforts! 

Pakistan Dengue Fever Awareness
YES alumni in Pakistan helped over 4,000 people during their medical clinics!

3.  In celebration of World Smile Day, Amela Nevaljalovic (YES ’17) and Lamija Jamak (YES ’14) put together a project to bring smiles to children fighting cancer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In October, Amela and Lamija created cards for cancer patients at a local elementary school. In November, the two alumni delivered the cards to children and staff at a local NGO, “The Heart for Kids with Cancer in FBIH Association.” The cards are now up on the walls of the center, and are definitely bringing many smiles to the young patients!

4.  Recognizing the need for more blood donations in their region, alumni in Samarinda, Indonesia, organized Blood for Love. On the day of the event, thirteen bags of blood were collected for the local Red Cross, showing how even a small action can make a difference! Every drop counts. 

Indonesia Blood Drive Nov 2017
YES alumni organized a blood drive at a university in Indonesia.

5.  Due to high teen pregnancy rates in Sierra Leone, Kadiatu Abdul Sesay (YES ’13) decided to organize a workshop to educate teenagers about avoiding teen pregnancy and safe sex. During her workshop, various speakers presented sex education information to a group of 90 high school students, and also spoke about the challenges facing teen mothers. Thanks to Kadiatu, her peers are better informed and prepared. 

Yes Alumni Turkey Istanbul Marathon 2017 1
YES alumni trained and ran in the Istanbul Marathon together with Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer Saad Bokhari and his family.

6.  Seventeen alumni from Turkey promoted healthy lifestyles throughout the fall by training for and running in the 39th Annual Istanbul Marathon on November 12! The alumni began their training in August with weekly running meet-ups. Throughout their training, they also raised funds for “Team International Assistance for Integration,” an NGO providing assistance for refugee women and children. Congratulations on these 17 alumni on joining the 26.2 club and giving to others with each and every stride! 

Yes Alumni Turkey Istanbul Marathon 2017 2

7.  YES alumni across India volunteered in country-wide project, Feed the Hungry, throughout the first two weeks of November. Alumni and other volunteers identified local neighborhoods and NGOs in need, including a home for HIV positive children, a school for children with developmental disabilities, and a home for people with leprosy. YES alumni prepared food and distributed meals to over 50 hungry people at each location! What an incredible display of service to one’s community. 

India Feed The Hungry Nov 2017 Event
Alumni prepared and donated food to community members in need.


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