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TV Time for YES Alumni in Kuwait


Photo: from left to right across the top, Shahrazad Meerza (YES 2012-2013, hosted by AFS in Ann Arbor, MI), Hassan Arab (YES 2011-2012, hosted by ACES in Pipestone MN), and Rasha Zalzala (YES staff at AMIDEAST Kuwait) were interviewed on the TV show Hala Kuwait.

During the first week of September, 2016, YES alumni hit the airwaves in Kuwait. They were featured on two different television programs to inform the community about the YES program and about cultural exchange in the United States in general.

First, on September 5th, the LuLu Youth television program interviewed seven YES alumni at the AMIDEAST office in Kuwait City. The teenage host of the show asked each alumnus/a to share his or her experiences and how they believe the YES program contributes to youth empowerment. The YES alumni shared their stories and also spoke about their future goals and how the YES program is helping them reach their targets in life. 

The final production will air on Kuwait Television 2 (KTV2) in November during International Education Week. Knowing that, the YES alumni also used their time during the recording session to explain the application process and timeline to any interested applicants for YES 2017-2018 program.

Photos: YES alumni were interviewed for the LuLu Youth television show, to be aired during International Education Week on KTV2.

The following day, two alumni participated in a live TV program, Hala Kuwait. Hassan Arab (YES 2011-2012) and Shahrazad Meerza (YES 2012-2013) joined AMIDEAST staff for interviews at the KTV 2 studio on September 6th.

Hassan and Shahrazad sat with the Hala Kuwait host and discussed the details of the YES program. They spoke about their experiences in the United States, including the similarities and differences they noticed between life in Kuwait and life in the U.S. Throughout the show, photos of YES students with their host families, at American schools, and enjoying time with friends were displayed in the background.

These programs are sure to reach a wide audience in Kuwait and abroad!


Happy 15th Anniversary!

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