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20 Years of Reflection and Growth

A Young Man Talking To A Camera In Front Of A Yes Banner And Amideast Backdrop

On May 24, Ruby Al-Saqer ‘20 collaborated with Amideast/Kuwait to organize a celebration for the YES 20th anniversary at the Amideast office in Salmiya. The event brought together alumni and encouraged them to share their experiences on the YES program. A videographer captured videos of the alumni speaking about their experiences on program, sharing advice for upcoming YES students, and highlighting the importance of the YES program to them. The alumni created videos in both English and Arabic to promote the program to prospective students and their parents.  

Anas Alhaddad ‘14 spoke about the differences in culture, opinions, and ways of thinking between the U.S. and Kuwait. He emphasized the importance of the YES program in helping students understand and accept those differences through interacting with their host families and friends. He said, “There are 8 billion viewpoints from which you can see the world, so remember to always open your heart and eyes when meeting new people.”  

A Young Woman Talking To A Camera In Front Of A Yes Banner And Amideast Backdrop

Ruby Al-Saqer ‘20 shared her life-changing experience with her host family and the bridge they built between Kuwait and the U.S. She reminded everyone that family can be found anywhere.  

Ali Mohammad ‘16 developed skills in time management and self-development through participating in the YES program. He also developed a relationship with his host family which is as strong as his relationship with his own family in Kuwait. He recommends that prospective students apply to the YES program for cultural exposure and to develop independence and personal growth.   

Finally, Hassan Arab ‘12 shared that when he boarded his plane back to Kuwait ten years ago, he never thought he would return to the U.S. as a student again. However, the YES program opened so many opportunities for him and taught him to take advantage of every opportunity that came his way. He is now a PhD student at Wayne State University in Michigan.   

At the end of the event, the alumni discussed future events for the YES alumni in Kuwait and are excited to facilitate more events to share their experiences and continue on their own path of personal development.   

Ruby Al-Saqer (YES 2019-2020, Kuwait, placed by AYA/AIFS in Matthews, NC) 

Anas Alhaddad (YES 2013-2014, Kuwait, placed by AFS-USA in Waukesha, WI) 

Ali Mohammad (YES 2015-2016, Kuwait, placed by ACES in Oregon, OH) 

Hassan Arab (YES 2011-2012, Kuwait, placed by ACES in Pipestone, MN)