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A Cruise Around the Globe with VIEW 2021

Graphic depicting a student smiling and announcing International Education Week

To mark International Education Week (IEW) 2021, a team of YES ‘19 alumni in the Philippines launched VIEW 2021 — Virtual IEW: Cruising Through the Oceans of Cultures Around You, a two-day virtual event that aims to bring people together from all over the globe to recognize the importance of international education through the perspective of exchange students.

The event, which took place from November 13–14, featured six speakers, including YES alumni from Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ghana, and the Philippines, and a former exchange student from Italy. Each speaker shared their country’s culture and traditions, as well as their experiences as an exchange student in the United States of America and how it impacted them!

Graphic showing the students that facilitated the Virtual International Education Week along with dates and times that the events occurred.

The YES ’19 alumni organizers shared, “Through IEW, people gain a better understanding of the world beyond, making them global citizens who continue to work and participate in the pursuit of spreading mutual understanding and respect towards diversity and inclusivity. Together, let’s sail around the globe and pave the way towards international education and bridge gaps between cultures, create mutual understanding, and foster life-long international friendships!”

Phi View 2021 Country Gamesmall

“We'd like to give recognition to our head event organizers, Calil Andaloc and Raquel Hatulan, our power duo in planning and organizing this event. And to our team members who overlap one another in duties and are ever-fluid in their pursuit of accomplishing them: our communications and secretariat team, Friendly Mark Andrino, Kiana Mari Rosal, and Jairah Inocence Sampang; our creative team, which consists of Hiede Magancong, Jairah Sampang and Calil Andaloc, whose style and creative choices combined to make it all the more inviting; our logistics persons, Jick Acupan and Sarah Ahmad, who organized the flow of the program for you to enjoy without interruption; and to all of our members who worked tirelessly to bring you quality content for this event."

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