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A Family Forever

Gha Richard Acquaye 1St Day Usa Small

by Richard Acquaye (YES 19-20, Ghana, hosted by PAX in Jesup, IA)

I am very thankful to the YES program that provided me with such an amazing opportunity to live in the United States. I'm thankful to my host state and school for supporting and taking care of their exchange students. I am thankful to my local coordinator Gina who was always very nice to us and helped us during our year in the USA. Thanks for showing us America. I'm very thankful to my lovely host family, the Alferinks, for taking me into their family and taking care of me. I appreciate everything that my host family has done for me. I was so blessed to get to stay with the Alferinks. I really love you very much and am so thankful for this great amazing year. My dear host grandparents, I love you very much and will never forget you. LOVE Y’ALL. You are all a real family in my heart forever. 

Gha Richard First Snowman Small
Richard building his first ever snowman with his host family

And thanks to all my friends for being so friendly and nice. To my fellow exchange student friends—I'm very happy that I've met you all and learned more about your countries. I also had a lot of great American friends who I thank for showing me your culture. My dear friends with whom we went through great and hard times, I love you all.

Gha Richard Food Bank Vol And Hdad Small
Richard and his host father volunteering at a food bank

Thanks a lot to Jesup High School. JHS, I really love you! I had a great time in your super school. Jesup is the best school ever. Thanks a lot to Mr. Rea, our principal, Mrs. Behnn, Mrs. Bauer, Mrs. Emerison, Mrs. Kitch - my life and career skills teacher, Mrs. Rigdon - my science teacher, Mrs. Andrews - my English teacher, Mrs. Casillas - my math teacher, Mr. Sullivan - my social studies teacher, Mr. Fitzgerald - my vocal teacher, Mr. Sauer - my P.E teacher, and all the staff of Jesup high school. I really appreciate what you’ve done in my life; thanks a lot for your wonderful teaching and support.  Thanks to the coaches of both cross country and basketball for the great impact you made in my life. Also thank you Jesup Bible Fellowship for making me part of the family. And thanks to all the lovely people of Jesup, I really appreciate you all for welcoming me. Thanks very much. LOVE Y’ALL.