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A New Addition to the Alumni Community

Alumni talk and gesture with their hands

Every August, YES alumni in Bosnia and Herzegovina welcome a new generation to the alumni community. New alumni are always a great addition as they return motivated to organize projects to benefit their communities and share their experiences with others. This year was a bit different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they were still able to welcome one virtual alumna, Katarina Milic (YES 2020-2021, Bosnia and Herzegovina, virtually placed by World Link in Colorado Springs, CO) to the alumni community.

Ten alumni attended a re-entry seminar on July 29 in Sarajevo to welcome Katarina. An alumni panel shared pictures and discussed the events that alumni have organized in the past. This gave Katarina and other alumni the chance to learn from more senior alumni about how they can be involved and make an impact in their country.

Participants also took part in a project development and management session, where they learned how to organize projects and brainstormed project ideas that address community needs. To cap off the event, the alumni cleaned up a local park.