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Ali Sultan Takes the Win


                                            Ali, left, with the debate judges

Many YES students develop a love for debate while on program, and many also channel that love into debate training when they get back home. But very few take their argumentation skills to the national stage. Ali Sultan Mohammed (YES 2015–2016, hosted by ACES in Oregon, OH) did just that.

On June 20th, Ali not only participated in a national level debate competition, be he won first place! He argued in the 2017 Jassim Al-Kherafi Contest for School Debates. Participants in national-level debates in Kuwait must begin on a governorate level, and only the top competitors are nominated for this competition in Qurtuba. In this year’s national-level debate, Ali and other participants tackled the topic “The Use of Internet Replaces the Need to Visit Libraries”.

Way to go Ali!


     Ali, fourth from right, standing on stage after the announcement of the winners


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