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Alumna Recognized for Community Development Work

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Alumna Sittie Haira Basalon (YES 2011-2012, Philippines, placed by AFS-USA in Madison, WI) was featured in The Faces of Bangsa, an initiative by The Moropreneur Inc. to promote stories of women, men, and youth in the Bangsamoro region of the Philippines who have contributed to the advancement of their communities.  

In the video featured below, Sittie shares her experience growing up in an armed conflict area and how her YES program experience exposed her to different perspectives and inspired her work with young people. Today, Sittie continues her development work for youth in her region via the Initiative for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS). She has a B.S. in social work and is pursuing a Master’s degree in public health.

The Moropreneur Inc. is an NGO whose mission is to empower the Bangsamoro and other Indigenous people to co-create innovative solutions for achieving peaceful and socio-economically resilient communities.