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Alumni Lead Entrepreneurial Workshop

YES alumni hold a banner that says, "ArtShop"

By Ahmad Aziz,YES 2009-2010, Indonesia, hosted by PAX in Oregon

From February 16-17, 216, the Visability Team organized "Artshop4Visability" at YP2 Special High School in Kedungkandang, Malang, Indonesia. The workshop aimed to provide students at YP2 Special High School with the knowledge and skills to start a small business.

Youth paint a glass jar

The Visability Team (Visibility of Young People with Disabilities to Access Their Rights) is made up of students and the nonprofit organization, Kojigema Institute (KI). Together, they work to provide a positive contribution to society, especially for marginalized youth groups. 

The Visability Project is a year-long project specifically designed to address the basic rights of differently-abled youth. The project consisted of the following activities: an interactive talkshow forum on the reproductive health rights of differently-abled youth, which was held in October; a flashmob campaign themed "Dance4Visability," which was held on the International Day of People with Disabilities in December; and the two-day workshop, "Artshop4Visability."

Artshop4Visability aimed to provide knowledge about basic entrepreneurship, art, photography and digital marketing. On the first day of the workshop, the students learned how to recycle discarded materials into new objects worth selling, such as repurposing used newspapers into a decorative lighting cup, or painting glass jars. On the second day, participants were invited to learn basic photography skills and send the photos to social media for online marketing. They showed their talent, determination, and art skills.

Four youth hold a lantern

More than 40 high school students, mostly deaf and intellectualy disabled, participated in the workshop, along with several teachers. We are hoping that it will become a breakthrough step for differently-abled students, especially at YP2 Special School, to start their own small business by optimizing the use of social networking to promote their products and services.