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Alumni Organized a Full Day of Gift Giving and Entertainment

Alumni organized a full day of gift giving and entertainment during their visit to a local shelter for young orphans last summer. In preparation for their visit, alumni reached out to local artists and musicians, and asked them to provide entertainment for the kids. Alumni also gathered used articles of clothing for distribution, as well as prepared a wide range of fun and educational activities.

On the day of the event, the kids were split into two groups. The first group attended the fun activities workshop, where kids played games and sang camp songs. The second group attended the educational activities workshop, which was a learning competition centered on different education topics such as the environment, religion, music, world capitals, etc. Since the event was held during the holy month of Ramadan, the kids also broke their fast together with members of the alumni association.

A party was planned after the meal, where girls wore traditional clothes and staff members at the shelter were invited to participate. Milk and dates were served, while the local musicians prepared for their performance. The musicians sang songs from various musical genres; mainly Rap and Berber/Rhythm and Blues. Overall, this day of activities and entertainment made the kids at the shelter very happy. They came to understand that there were people out there who cared about their well- being, and the alumni were happy to volunteer their time as well as give back to their community.