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Arjeta Sees Self in Fellow Exchange Students

Arjeta  Rushiti

When everything is over, the only thing left is the memory.  I back up and find the story.

It is a Friday night.  The semester is over, but still I am walking towards the light I see in the multipurpose room, this time headed for the mid-year party.  As I approach, my eyes catch my friends from all over the world, and among them I find new faces.  I am wondering who might they be?  Hugs and greetings are awarded to me, while I feel belonging as if we are one big family.  We laugh together and support and help each other.  There is no doubt we are linked to one another.  Conversations rise, when I suddenly ask my friend from Belgium:

"Do you know those new students?"

"They are our friends from Massachusetts," she replies.  "They are exchange students as well!"

Wow! I think.  My circle of friends is getting larger every single day.  We are both headed towards them to exchange some words.  Quickly, the number of words starts increasing as we form a pleasant conversation.

&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />
"That sounds like me; I have been in the same situation!" I hear somebody saying while we are discussing our experiences in an American school. &nbsp;</p>

"Really?! That happened to me too!" another voice adds.

It is amazing and at the same time crazy how similar we are.  I find myself in others' every thought and option.  It is as if they are reading my mind and saying everything that makes it up.  I conclude, "We are one mind in different bodies!"

Unfortunately, this is the last party for two of my friends.  A girl from Belgium and a boy from Italy are returning to their motherlands in the following days, but we don't let the sadness and tears invade our eyes.  These friends are shining as the "Goodbye" cake is brought in.  Everybody hugs the two who are leaving and wishes them safe travel and a wonderful time back to their home towns.  We don't forget to promise that the time passed together is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship.  We don't want to forget to remember that we are all feeling the same way, as if we were one person.

The stars are out, which lets us know that it is time for everybody to go home and sleep.  But, how can I close my eyes after experiencing such an amazing night?!  I don't want to let it go!  The dark night is not giving us a choice, however, and before I realize, I am already in bed, dreaming of being back in the atmosphere I was just in minutes before.

Here I am now, smiling at that wonderful time, thanking everyone that participated in this unforgettable memory.  Here I am now, and I just want to say: "Hello my friends, how are your lives today?"

Arjetta R., YES Macedonia '11