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Basic First Aid Training in Gaza

Participants in a classroom with an instructor on the floor with a participant demonstrating a first aid technique.

This October, the YES alumni community held a two-part training on first aid for seven YES alumni at Amideast/Gaza. YES alumni in Gaza held a popular first aid workshop in 2019, and the YES alumni community was eager to learn more. So, when YES alumnus Khaled Zaqout — a medical student at Al Azhar University — became a certified first aid trainer with the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA), his peers welcomed his suggestion for a YES alumni first aid training. 

On October 8, Khaled led the first part of the training with two other IFMSA certified trainers. The two-hour session included an introduction to biological processes and first aid as a concept, training on CPR training and maintaining body temperature, and mock scenarios of CPR administration. By the end of the session, the YES alumni had obtained basic first aid skills and understood the importance of acquiring such competencies for emergency situations that could save a life, if administered correctly. YES alumna Rita Abu Rahma says, “It was a really informative session that helped me gain theoretical and practical knowledge in first aid.” 

On October 31, two YES alumni, Rita and Yahya Ashour, assisted Khaled and another certified trainer in conducting the second part of the training activity: a first aid session at Amideast/Gaza for 36 students from the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access). During this session, the YES alumni were able to share the knowledge they had obtained from their own training with a larger group of students. The Access students enjoyed the session and actively engaged with the trainers’ instruction.

YES alumni always seek knowledge that will help their communities to pay it forward!

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Khaled Zaqout (YES 2017–2018, Gaza, placed by YFU USA in Eden Prairie, MN)

Rita Abu Rahma (YES 2016–2017, Gaza, placed by Ayusa in Glendale, AZ)

Yahya Ashour (YES 2014-2015, Gaza, placed with YFU in Fostoria, OH)