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Basmat Eid

Two Alumni And Two Women Standing Around A Table With Clothes

On April 19, seven Gazan YES alumni volunteered with the annual Eid festival, Basmat Eid. The festival is hosted by Ihsan, a volunteering campaign that spreads awareness about volunteerism and giving to the less fortunate. The name “Basmat Eid” translates to “the smile of Eid”, and is inspired by the happiness that the activity brings to less fortunate families. The alumni organized and distributed clothes to approximately 350 families in need.  

An Alum And A Woman In A Hijab Speaking To Each Other

The event took place at a public venue in Gaza City. There were several booths set up, each with a specific category of clothing, such as children’s clothes or winter coats. The alumni divided the tasks amongst themselves, and Heba Alsaidi ‘14 took lead on keeping in contact with Ihsan’s leaders to ensure the work was organized and cooperative.  

Tia Alqudwa ‘22 and Natalie Tarazi ‘22 sorted clothes at the booths and organized them to ensure that people could find what they were looking for. Mohammad A. Abuajwa ‘18 and Yara Abu Ramadan ‘21 met with families and walked around the festival with them to help them get the clothes they needed, and make sure that each family got a fair share of donations. In addition, Iyad Hmidat ‘15 and Karam Saidam ‘19 supported families and volunteers who needed assistance.  

The festival served as a reminder of the importance of volunteer work in a community like Gaza. By seeing the happiness that it brought to the families in need, as well as the volunteers, the YES alumni were reminded of why they are always ready to step in and help anyone in need.   

Heba Alsaidi (YES 2013-2014, Gaza, placed by CIEE in Lake Stevens, WA) 

Tia Alqudwa (YES 2021-2022, Gaza, placed by Ayusa in Hanover, PA) 

Natalie Tarazi (YES 2021-2022, Gaza, placed by AFS-USA in Seattle, WA) 

Mohammad Abuajwa (YES 2017-2018, Gaza, placed by AFS-USA in Kansas City, MO) 

Iyad Hmidat (YES 2014-2015, Gaza, placed by PAX in Westerville, OH) 

Yara Aburamadan (YES 2021-2022, Gaza, placed by AFS-USA in Portland, OR) 

Karam Saidam (YES 2018-2019, Gaza, placed by CIEE in Seattle, WA)