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Beyond the Screen

Group of young people in front of screen with the film title "CODA"

By Reem Almuraikhi (YES 2011-2012, Bahrain, placed by PAX in Cheboygan, MI)  

I currently work as a Youth SDGs Programs Specialist at the Bahrain Science Center for the SDGs, where we run a program called “Beyond the Screen”. This program aims to raise awareness, educate, and encourage youth to take action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through film and documentary screenings. After the screenings, we host activities and discussions to facilitate deeper learning and engagement.  

Group of people sitting on blocks around a TV screen

In February, I was excited to organize a “Beyond the Screen” event for the YES alumni community in Bahrain. We watched the award-winning movie CODA together. The film highlights the struggles of individuals with hearing impairments and provides insights into the lives of CODAs (children of deaf adults). Five YES alumni and one ALEX alum attended the event.  

After watching the movie, we held a reflection and discussion about the film. The attendees shared their knowledge, experience, and opinions, mainly focusing on inclusion and equity and the role we each play in contributing to a more inclusive society.  We brainstormed ideas for creating more inclusive and accessible spaces for people with disabilities in Bahrain. The event helped attendees better understand the disability-related SDGs and how to advocate for people with disabilities in their local communities.   

I enjoyed organizing and facilitating this event for the YES alumni in Bahrain and look forward to upcoming events with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity.