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Blood Drive to Save Lives in Senegal

Sen   Blood  Drive

Blood banks are known to save lives, unfortunately the National Blood Drive Center in Senegal consistently experiences large blood deficits. Moved by the deficit, YES Alumni in Senegal rose to the occassion and answered the call to action. 

In Senegal, blood donors represent only 0.25% of the population, yet the average  percentage of donors in a country should be 2%. With this statistics in mind, YES Alumni organized an awareness campiagn in Senegal. They informed their communities about the importance of blood donations, and concluded the awareness campiagn by hosting a blood drive on October 1, 2011. 

Together, YES Alumni&nbsp;successfully recruited 65 blood donors aged between 18 to 22 to attend the blood drive. They hope to continue the awareness campaign in the future in hopes to further inform the Senegalese community about the importance of blood donations.&nbsp;</p>