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Budgeting and Project Management Workshop in the West Bank

Workshop In The West Bank

After participating in the Virtual Alumni Leaders Training (VALT) in July, YES alumnus Mohammed Fitiani decided to share what he learned in the workshop with his fellow YES alumni in the West Bank. On November 29, seven YES alumni attended Mohammed’s Budgeting and Project Management Workshop at the AMIDEAST office in Ramallah. 

Mohammed started the workshop with an icebreaker that helped the alumni get to know one another. Then he started with a basic overview about project management and the key elements to manage a successful project. To help the alumni learn what makes a strong and successful project, Mohammed asked each participant to come up with a basic project idea, some came up with community projects and others with individual projects. 

Mohammed followed that with element questions, such as, how to identify the key elements in each idea the participants had. Afterwards, the participants discussed the key elements of managing a project before they had the feedback from their discussion. The participants learned the best practices for project management, how to identify timeline risks, and how to come up with backup plans.

Participants also learned how to calculate the budget, and what things they should be aware of while making the budget. Mohammed ended the workshop with rules a person should consider while managing a project. YES alumnus Ahmad Jaberi shared, "It was interesting to learn the process of managing a project. I also learned what are the important parts of budgeting." 

Mohammad Fitiani (YES 2012-2013 West Bank, hosted by ASSE in Ellsworth, WI)


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