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Celebrating International Women’s Day in Kosovo

Prishtina Kosovo Making Cards With Children In Honor Of Womens Day 1

Medina Bilalli (YES 2019-2020, Kosovo, placed by Aspect Foundation in Canton, IL) 

Everyone celebrates International Women’s Day in Kosovo because, in our culture, mothers are the most precious people in the world: they give birth to society’s children, raise them, and take care of them throughout their lives. For this reason, March 8 is very important to every Kosovar family because we respect the women in our life, especially our mothers.  

Although the original holiday name is International Women’s Day, it has always been known colloquially as Mother’s Day among the people, due to the influence from other countries. 

However, these past few years, feminists of the country have raised awareness about what the March 8 holiday is all about. It is important that the future generations understand the importance of women in their life.  

Prishtina Kosovo Making Cards With Children In Honor Of Womens Day 1

This past March 8,  I held an activity with a few kids that are part of a local organization for suppressed women. There were eight kids in total, and their ages varied. The youngest participant was six years old, and the oldest was 10 years old.  

The kids were asked to write a few sentences on a handmade card to gift to important women in their lives.

All of them were so excited when they heard that they would have an activity outside of school, and all of them were very impatient to find out what they would be doing.  

Prishtina Kosovo Making Cards With Children On March 8Th 1

The eight children put all their energy into making handmade cards for two hours. There was glitter thrown everywhere, cut paper in every corner of the classroom, as well as color pencils on and under the tables. 

However, everyone enjoyed “DIY-ing” and making something with their own hands.  

The kids loved using glitter and competing against each other to make the prettiest card. They glued and they wrote, and in the end, they felt very proud of their own creations, gifting them to their mothers.