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Celebrating Women's Month

Ina Dwiane Rizqi Votes For Women

By Dwiane Rizqi (YES 2019-2020, Indonesia, hosted by AFS in Orchard Park, NY)

A few weeks ago, I went to the Susan B. Anthony house in Rochester, NY, where I learned a lot about women's suffrage and progressive movements. The women who participated in the women's suffrage movement became heroes for every woman today. As a woman, I believe in feminism, in fighting for equality for any gender.  I love the independent and active role of women here in the U.S.  They make big decisions both in politics and the household.

Ina Dwiane Rizqi

In Indonesia, and in the U.S., older views on gender roles are changing.  In this modern-day era, everyone should be treated equally. I do love talking about equality and women's roles with my host mom and I also taught my host mom and my host family about one of my Indonesian heroes, Dewi Sartika, who opened the first women’s school so women could get a quality education.