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Beach Cleanup in Bahrain

Beach Clean Up Group Photo
Beach Clean Up Volunteer

On July 5th, in collaboration with the local initiative, Clean Up Bahrain, five YES alumni participated in a beach cleanup at Water Garden City, a suburb of Manama. Reem Al Murakhi (YES 2011 – 2012) has experience volunteering with Clean Up Bahrain, and decided to partner with them for a YES alumni event. 

Some of the alumni were assigned to clean up the plastic waste (paper, cans, foam) by the beachside, and while the other alumni focused on the waters. Representatives from Clean Up Bahrain then gave a lecture on the impact of plastic pollution, and how they can take steps to reduce waste in their lives.

Ali Al Baharani (YES 2016 - 2017) shared, "Having a clean environment is one of the most essential things to help a community thrive. Neglecting the environment means losing the connection that we have with the earth. The beach cleanup helped us get one step closer to achieving the environment we desire. I encourage everybody to participate in such events for a brighter future and a cleaner environment." 

Cleaning The Beach

Reem Al Muraikhi (YES 2011-2012, Bahrain, hosted by PAX in Cheboygan, MI)

Rabab Mohsen (YES 2016 – 2017, Bahrain, hosted by PAX in Mitchell, IN)

Ali Al Bahrani (YES 2016 – 2017, Bahrain, hosted by ASSE in Jasper, MO)

Ali Ashkanani (YES 2017 – 2018, Bahrain, hosted by AFS USA in Kalispell, MT)

Abdelrahman Yassein (YES 2017 – 2018, Bahrain, hosted by PAX in Niagara Falls, NY)