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Color Run For a Cause in Kosovo

A group of people participating in the color run

By Rine Fetahu (YES 2013-2014, Kosovo, hosted by American Councils PO in Baton Rouge, LA)

This year, Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) was marked by the very first Color Run in Kosovo, organized by YES alumni. The concept of the Color Run, though well-known for many youth in Kosovo, was presented by our team as an opportunity to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles and happiness. It was also a chance to raise funds for the Deaf Association in Kosovo.

A photo of two tickets in the grass that read "Run with Color"
Tickets for the event

The Color Run, which we decided to call “Run With Color Kosova,” brought together hard work and fun. Behind the scenes, a group of 30 volunteers worked tirelessly for many days to make the color dust, which was the key component of the run. The colors were all handmade with food coloring, but were harmless for participants and the environment. Along the way, these volunteers also made new friends.

Volunteers Making Colors For The GYSD Run With Color Project
Volunteers making colors for the run

The volunteers’ hard work was celebrated at the event held on April 22, which took place at the National Park of Germia, an area frequented by many runners and walkers that Sunday morning. 

Around 200 people participated in the run, where they got splashed with different colors along the route. When they arrived back at the main area, music and a rain shower of colors dominated the atmosphere. 

A rain shower of colors coming down over people
A rain shower of colors at the finish

Besides this amazing scene on a beautiful, sunny day, the most unique part of the event was the engagement of citizens in support of the goal to raise funds for the Kosovo Deaf Association. Funds were collected from ticket sales but also through the support of donors such as the AVC Group, Tenda 3, and Frutomania.

YES Alumni Kosovo look forward to making this event a tradition for many years to come.