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Community Engagement Webinar for GYSD

Egyptian alumni speaking at a GYSD webinar

On April 23, YES alumni marked Global Youth Service Day by organizing a webinar to raise awareness of the deaf community in Egypt. The 50 participants included people of all ages and backgrounds. An Egyptian Sign Language trainer from the National Council for Persons with Disabilities taught some sign language words and phrases and spoke with the group about deaf culture and advocacy. By the end of the webinar, the group had developed several project ideas: a phone app to teach and translate Egyptian Sign Language, a Facebook page for public awareness campaigns, announcements and events, and Egyptian Sign Language courses taught by a professional.

Mohab Farid (YES 2009-2010, Egypt, placed by CIEE in Tuolumne, CA)

Farrah Moussa (YES 2013-2014, Egypt, placed by AFS-USA in Gloucester, MA)