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Compassion is Not Cancelled

Omar Volunteering

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many aspects of life to go on lockdown, YES alumni Omar Alrabi from Gaza proves that compassion is not cancelled. Due to his volunteer work with the Al-IHSAN Campaign, this past weekend Omar was featured in the “Ramadan 2020 Instagram Takeover” series on the official YES Instagram account. During Omar’s Instagram feature he shared Ramadan traditions in Gaza, and discussed his Ramadan volunteer project with the Al-Ihsan Voluntary Campaign.

Despite the unique challenges set by the Covid-19 pandemic Omar shared, “Looking back on it, this Ramadan was memorable to be honest, because come to think of it, I did become closer to myself and my family members. I started appreciating all the ‘Ramadan vibes,’ and the messages that Ramadan gives you: through compassion, through love of the people around you, through the idea of giving a hand to people and feeling for the people who are in need and currently struggling. So this Ramadan was actually amazing, and it made reflect on many things that I previously took for granted.”

Omar is a member of the Al-IHSAN Voluntary Campaign, and during the month of Ramadan he participates in the organization’s “One Body” challenge which raises donations for families who have been affected financially by the quarantine. The donations are used to buy necessary supplies and food for families to get through the Ramadan season. Omar explained, “I am a member of the Al-ISHAN Voluntary Campaign. This campaign launched a challenge between people called ‘One Body.’ This challenge allowed people to nominate others to help those in need, and then they would nominate others to do the same as well.” 

Omar and other IHSAN Campaign members gather in a house to place the purchased goods into packages, load them into cars, and distribute them throughout for the families in need. So far, 430 families received care packages from the AL-ISHAN Voluntary Campaign during Ramadan 2020. Omar shared, “This Ramadan has been great because I was involved in a lot of community service which is what Ramadan is all about.”

Omar Alrabi (YES 2012 – 2013, Gaza, hosted by PAX in Morro Bay, CA)

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