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Lazarela Antonijevic 1

During International Education Week I gave two presentations - one in my German III class and one in my Orchestra class at Olentangy Liberty High School.  Doing presentations was a fun, new experience for me.

My presentation in German class went extremely well.  Since we have been learning about the German school system, its membership in the European Union and traditional German food in the class, I decided to make my presentation as related to the class material as possible.  Therefore, I talked the most about Bosnian food, our school system and about Bosnia as a candidate for EU membership.  Also, I introduced the class to the geography of the country and pointed out the main history facts.  A part of my presentation was written in German and the rest of it in English.  I think the class liked my presentation, as did the teacher.  The asked many questions and seemed very interested in what I was talking about.

The other presentation that I gave was in my Orchestra class.  I showed the class where my country was on the map of Europe and then briefly explained its history.  Then I talked about Bosnian/Serbian traditional music and played it on the violin.  I played some of my favorite Bosnian traditional music that I usually plat at home with my orchestra.  I also pointed out the differences between Bosnian and American music.  The teacher was very interested and she asked me if I could do another one later because she wanted to hear more of our traditional music and learn more about my country in general.  My classmates found Bosnian music a lot different than anything they had heard so far, but they said they liked it.

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I am satisfied with the presentations I have done so far.&nbsp; They were successful.&nbsp; I hope I will do more in the future!</p>

Lazarela A., YES Bosnia '11