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CV Writing Workshop

Young Women Sitting At A Round Table With Laptops

On February 17, 12 YES alumni in Jordan took part in a CV writing workshop. The alumni were interested in this topic because they recognized the importance of having a strong CV as they apply to educational programs and employment opportunities. They were eager to use their CVs to make a good first impression in their applications and highlight their strengths and experience.  

Shamel Yazaw ‘11 and Ali Awad ‘19 attended the session to learn how to better reflect their professional experiences on their CVs for job applications, while Zainah Alamad ‘22 and Taima Altwaiq ‘22 hoped to customize their CVs for scholarship applications.  

Two Young Men And The Trainer Looking At Their Laptops Together

The workshop was led by Dina Alaedin, an executive career coach with an extensive background in humanitarian project management and consulting. She currently works as a freelance consultant and trainer. She taught alumni about the difference between a CV and a resume, the importance of LinkedIn, and the structure of a CV. She also helped alumni perfect their resumes by focusing on keywords to incorporate and how HR departments use online systems to filter applicants.  

The trainer also met with alumni one on one to go over their resumes and customize them to the jobs, internships, scholarships, and exchange programs for which they are applying.  

Sima Sweidat ‘17 said, “The CV workshop gave us an excellent overview of how a proper CV should be written. We learned that a CV should contain detailed statistics and key terms which HR teams search for. We all concluded that a template from Google is nowhere near good enough and that this workshop was very much needed for our professional success.” 

Shamel Yazaw (YES 2010-2011, Jordan, placed by YFU-USA in Saint Paul, MN) 

Ali Awad (YES 2018-2019, Jordan, placed by BFF in Cary, NC) 

Zainah Alamad (YES 2021-2022, Jordan, placed by Aspect in Lacey, WA) 

Taima Altwaiq (YES 2021-2022, Jordan, placed by AYA/AIFS in Kingwood, TX) 

Sima Sweidat (YES 2016-2017, Jordan, placed by PAX in Columbus, OH)