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Discovering Arizona through Community Service

Rami Building A House

By: Rami Kalboussi (YES 2019-2020, Tunisia, hosted by Aspect in Goodyear, AZ) 

Ever since I heard that I am going to the United States, I was so excited to start a new chapter, although it was not easy to leave my family and friends for a whole year. After completing D.C. Orientation and going to my host family, I decided to make this year as one of the best experiences in my life. Since the first week, I’ve been looking for volunteering opportunities and ways to get involved in my community.

Rami Building A Wheelchair

Due to my experience in the robotics field, I got the chance to tutor children at an elementary school about robotics. I am also building a wheel chair to help a local family who has a child with disabilities. I’ve started some local clubs in my community and high school to help people learn about new technologies. Beside that, I am volunteering with the production team in my local church.

Rami Tutoring Kids About Robotics

The highlight of my exchange year so far is going on a mission trip to an Indian Reservation in Arizona with the church for four days to build a house for the homeless. We also organized a small carnival for the children living in the reservation, and I got to make cotton candy for them. During this trip I discovered another side of America, and how these people are suffering every day. So far I have completed more than 120 hours of community service.

Last but not least, I am really grateful to the YES program for giving me this opportunity. I also want to thank my host family for making their best effort to make me feel at home. I really love them and appreciate their efforts. I want to thank my family and everyone else who supported me to make this experience possible.