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Elderly Visit Becomes Annual

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Photo: Tala Abunahla (YES 2015 - 2016, hosted by AFS in Thornton, CO) and Marah Almalak (YES 2014 - 2015, hosted by CIEE in Kansas City, MO) planting a tree in the center’s garden.

When you've got something good, you should hold on to it. The YES alumni in Gaza discovered they had something really good - a relationship with the elderly at the Al Wafaa Center. 

In 2016, YES alumni spent a day getting to know the old folks, and they found it so rewarding they decided to make it an annual event.

Before the Eid al-Adha holiday, 11 YES alumni volunteered at Al Wafaa by greeting and visiting the senior residents. Their goal was to "spread the spirit of joy and festivity" before the holiday.

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Photo: Abdallah Mohanna (YES 2015 - 2016, hosted by PAX in Camby, IN) distributes flowers to the senior residents.

The elderly beneficiaries had conversations with the alumni and shared remarkable advice based on their life experiences. One woman even told the alumni that she appreciated their visit so much, she would love to welcome them on a daily basis!

After visiting with their elders, the YES alumni planted small trees and other plants at the center’s garden. The visit was very helpful for both the alumni and the elderly. It promoted a sense of responsibility and growth in the alumni, which opened their eyes to a marginalized group that needs continuous support and care.


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