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Dima And The State Fair

By Dima Muamar (YES 2019–2020, Gaza, hosted by CIEE in Tacoma, WA)

Hello, I'm Dima from Gaza, and I was placed in Tacoma with “Betty,” the cutest host mom! I’m so happy that my very first flight was to the United States, where I am experiencing so many new things. Being an exchange student is the best thing that could have happened to me and to other students all over the world. 

Dima And Hmom

I'm really enjoying my time here and I feel like 10 months are not enough for this beautiful experience. My first day at school was really amazing, the teachers are great, and I made lots of friends and told them about Gazan culture, and they liked it. The United States has such an interesting culture – I’ve already been to my first state fair! On September 1th, I went to the Washington State Fair with my fellow exchange student peers, and that was the best day so far! I tried so many things, and I went on cool rides! I will never forget how happy I was on that day. I'm sure what’s ahead of my exchange year will be even more fun and beautiful.

I'm looking forward to trying new things and experiences so I can improve my English language skills and represent Gaza and the YES program in the best way possible.