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Gaza says YES to Ramadan

Ramadan Gaza June 2017 1

Charity and generosity are central to the celebration of Ramadan, one of the most holy times in the Islamic tradition. In the spirit of the holy month, on June 16th, YES alumni in Gaza organized the “YES for Ramadan” event.

In coordination with alumni of the English Access Microscholarship and the Nawa for Culture and Arts Association, “YES for Ramadan” aimed to entertain approximately 65 children from underserved backgrounds in the Dair Al-Balah area. Ten YES and six Access alumni mentored the children through four hours of art and self-expression activities, group play, and talent shows.

Ramadan Gaza June 2017 2

The event began with introductions by the YES alumni. The children were very excited about the possibility of engaging in exchange programs in the future – something they previously thought would be impossible.

After that, the alumni and children participated in various art activities. First, they all gathered in the Nawa Association’s Al-Bayyara Playground, where they participated in a circus show in the theater space. Children formed circles and engaged in creative oral performances like singing together and reciting poetry. 

Ramadan Gaza June 2017 3

Next, groups were assigned art mentors to help them express themselves through colors. They drew on glass and stones and painted plates, which they took home to teach their families what they learned. The kids also played games moderated by the event team. 

The YES alumni were delighted with the event's huge success and were warmed by the childrens' gratitude. 

Overall, “YES for Ramadan” was a very successful event. All activities were delivered in an organized manner that ensured every child could participate in games, express him/herself, receive a gift and an Iftar meal. It was also an excellent opportunity to bring together YES and Access alumni, serving as an opportunity to advance collaborative planning for future activities. 

Ramadan Gaza June 2017 4


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