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Global Youth Service Day 2013 in Lahore, Pakistan

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On Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2013, YES Alumni Lahore initiated their project "Safai Nisf Eeman Muhim", which translates to "Cleanliness is half faith." It is a health and hygiene awareness campaign that the Lahore Alumni are conducting in various local schools, for children currently enrolled in pre-school.

The first school targeted for this campaign was Bloomsfield Hall. The workshop created understanding in children for taking necessary precautionary measures, for protection against health related diseases. They also demonstrated proper ways of washing hands, brushing teeth and maintaining proper atmosphere around the house and school.

The alumni also shared the importance of recycling and use of dust bins around the school. The efforts of the alumni were highly appreciated by the school staff and the team was highly recommended by the principal to the school's other branches. It has all been possible by the enthusiasm and commitment displayed by the team conducting the project.