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Growing after the YES Program Ends

Group Internship Photo

By Noura Alkhawaled (YES 2019–2020, Kuwait, placed with YFU in Castalia, OH)

The summer after our exchange program ended, and in the middle of these uneasy times, two fellow YES alumni and I sought new opportunities to grow. Fortunately, the U.S.-Kuwait Alumni Association for Exchange (USKAA), a non profit organization sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, hosted a month-long internship program. It was the perfect opportunity to grow the skills we first planted with the YES program!

Aljood Al Faily, Taif Elmoslemany, and I participated in this internship program, and we’re very thankful for this opportunity. This summer internship helped us gain new skills. Each of us wanted to share a word gratitude for these new experiences:

Noura Al Khawaled:

“First of all, I want to thank Sharifa Al Shalfan (the President of The U.S. Alumni Association program) and Hamad Al Saad (the vice president and treasurer of the U.S. Alumni Association) for welcoming our ideas and thoughts for future alumni projects. I learned communication skills between colleagues in a workspace, and I also gained new knowledge about business organizing strategies. I enjoyed getting to work on captions and blog posts for social media. I also had fun getting to translate texts from English to Arabic. This was a special experience since this was my first internship, and another challenge I’ve taken on since my exchange year ended.

Aljood Al Faily:

“I want to give a huge thanks to the YES program and USKAA. First of all, the YES program helped me come out my shell and explore new things. Now that I’m a part of the YES alumni community, I am also a part of the U.S. Kuwait Alumni Association for exchange programs. This summer, the USKAA had a virtual internship for YES Kuwaiti Alumni. After my exchange year I was looking for a new challenge to take on and an internship sounded perfect since I never did an internship before. I was both eager and anxious when I received an email stating that I was accepted be an intern. I gained many skills throughout the month I interned at USKAA, including picture editing for social media, how to be professional in your work space (although the internship was online), and finishing my work on time with everything neatly organized. Lastly, a big thank you goes out for the USKAA board, I really enjoyed working with all of you."

Taif Elmoslemany:

“The YES program teaches students to be responsible, flexible, and hardworking. Interning for USKAA helped me strengthen these skills. During my internship experience, I was not only able to develop great skills that will greatly benefit my career, but I also connected with fellow YES alumni. This internship showed me that going on the YES program builds the foundation needed to benefit our community."

Aljood Al Faily (YES 2019–2020, Kuwait, placed with ACES in Oregon, OH)

Taif Elmoslemany (YES 2017-2018, Kuwait, placed with PAX in Newbury, MI)