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Halloween In Qatar!

Garaganeo  Celebration In  Qatar2

Garangaeo is like an Arabian Halloween. It is a traditional event held on the 14th day of Ramadan that is celebrated in the Gulf region. Young kids dress up in traditional customs, and go around their neighborhoods knocking on peoples doors. Older adults usually ask the young kids to sing the song specific to this traditional day, and then they give the kids different candies, nuts and sometimes even money!

Alumni decided to do a community activity for the kids in celebration of  Garanageo. They assembled 100 goodie bags filled with candy, nuts, and a fridge magnet, along with the YES 10th Year Anniversary logo to promote the program. 

Alumni Kareem Yasser, Hazem Younis, Ahmed Wafy, Yassir Awwad and Nadine Nader visited different neighborhoods throughout Doha to distribute the goodie bags. It was a special experience for everyone; getting the chance to put smiles on those little faces was priceless, and a fun way to give back to our community!