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Head Held High for International Education Week

Tazrian Kabir Arwa hold Bangladeshi flag while taking a photo with students from her history class

By Tazrian Kabir Arwa (YES 2021-2022, Bangladesh, placed by PAX in Flagstaff, AZ)

My head held high, I lifted up the Bangladeshi flag as I started my International Education Week presentation, the red and green of the flag reflected in my traditional outfit. I started my presentation by asking if anyone could identify Bangladesh on a map. Although no one was successful, many of my classmates were very close.

Tazrian is sitting on the floor with her peers and is creating a design on her friend's hand using henna

Once I had explained where Bangladesh is located, I gave an overview of the Bengali language movement and the liberation war in Bangladesh. My classmates were astonished to learn how Bangladeshis fought for our mother language, and they were amazed by the many varieties of Bangladeshi food, clothing, and modes of transportation. As part of my presentation, I also played Bengali songs on the guitar and performed a dance to Bengali music.

I tried to incorporate a hands-on approach to my presentation by applying henna to my classmates' hands. Some of my classmates even adorned themselves with a tip, a decorative sticker worn on the center of the forehead. 

I was so proud to serve as a youth ambassador for Bangladesh and teach about my country, culture, and traditions in Flagstaff, and International Education Week made it all possible. Thank you to the U.S. Department of State for granting me this opportunity.