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YES We Care: Healthy Food, Healthy Mind

Adv For Workshop

At the end of the summer, YES alumni in Saudi Arabia thought of how they could still make a difference in their community, despite the obstacles set by the Covid-19 pandemic. To rise up to this challenge, the YES alumni created the “YES We Care” workshop series. In late September, the YES alumni held their first “YES We Care” session on how to take care of one's mental health during the pandemic.  

Faye El Haj

As the world continues to struggle with the effects of the pandemic, the YES alumni thought about another angle to cover in their workshop series. In addition to mental health, the YES alumni realized that proper nutrition is another key to a strong emotional and physical wellbeing. The YES alumni then reached out to a couple of health experts to speak at the workshop on healthy eating habits. 

Faisal Al Ammari

The virtual workshop took place on October 24 on Zoom and 15 attendees participated. The guest speakers included Fay El Haj, an experienced health coach, and YES alumnus Faisal Al Ammari, who shared his personal health journey.

It is incredibly rewarding for the YES alumni to participate in this mission that strives for wellness during an unprecedented time in the world.  

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