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Color Run Bulgaria

By Alper Ahmed (YES 2017-2018, Bulgaria, hosted by AYA in Baldwin City, KS)

On April 25, 2019, I organized a color run fundraiser in my hometown, Ardino, with the help of the local branch of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth. The run took place at the local high school and there was a big turnout. People from all age groups gathered together to support the cause and more than 100 people participated in the run. We managed to raise enough funds to buy new appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, mixer, and hair drier for our town’s protected care home for people with intellectual disabilities. It was awesome to see our community brought together to support such a beautiful cause.

If I must be honest, I didn't expect a turnout this big, but I couldn't be happier about what we managed to accomplish. After the color run, teachers and parents of children who had participated were getting in touch with us to thank us for the experience they or their children had had. It is amazing to see the impact one can make just by following one’s passion and having goals that can be accomplished through determination and hard work. I owe a massive thank you to all of the community members who helped me with the organization of this event, helped during the event itself (either with the snacks, powder, or gathering money), and participated. It really wouldn't have been possible without everyone!


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