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Helping My Community

Ashfaque sitting in back of a truck with donations to Salvation Army around him.

By Ashfaque Ferdous (YES 2021-2022, Bangladesh, placed by World Link in Lubbock, TX)

Ashfaque at Salvation Army with donation bins full of clothes and toys. .

In February, some of my friends and I went to the Salvation Army in our hometown on a very cold night to help people in need. On that night, my friends and I volunteered and helped with giving people hot food, blankets, and other items such as gloves and socks. By the time that Global Youth Service Day arrived, I knew I wanted my project to be focused around helping those in need. For my project, I started a fundraiser with the help of some of my friends at school and members of my community. I made fliers, promoted the fundraiser online, and spoke to people and let them know the cause I was supporting. At the start of the project, I never would have believe the amazing outcome we would achieve. In the end, we collected more than 350 household items such as clothes, shoes, toys, and pans along with $350.

Ashfaque taking a photo with the donations.

This project was very meaningful for me as I learned a lot from it. I learned how much the people in my community need help, but also learned that if myself and others take the initiative to make a change with our hearts and dedication, there is nothing that can stop us.