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Host Family Appreciation Month

Student posing with host mom and her welcome sign

Show your love and gratitude for your host families this March with Host Family Appreciation Month! To celebrate the relationships and bonds you built during your year in the U.S., YES is inviting current participants and alumni to say thank you to their host families, share videos or pictures of their time together, and speak about what made their experience in their host community unique.

For Host Family Appreciation Month, create a short video (no longer than 2 minutes) sharing memories from your host family, what made your time together special, or what your relationship looks like now.

PROMPT: What made your time with your host family special and what surprised you about the experience?

(Ideas: Was your host community a big change from what you are used to at home? Was your host family larger or smaller than yours? Were your host parents retired? Were you surprised by what you had in common?)


  • Please introduce yourself in your video with your name, country, YES year, PO and where you were placed.
  • Your video must be no longer than 2 minutes.
  • Your video should tell a personal story about YOUR cultural exchange experience that responds to the prompt above.
  • Your video should not include any inappropriate language, graphics or content.

Submit your videos throughout the month of March at to be highlighted on the YES website/social media!

Tips for Recording Yourself on Camera 

  1. Set up a phone or camera in front of you 
  2. Shoot with high resolution 
  3. Find a simple background to stand in front of 
  4. Look straight into the camera 
  5. Keep the camera steady 
  6. Make sure the light is in front of you, not behind you
  7. Get good audio — make sure you are recording in a quiet room 
  8. Speak slowly and clearly


  • You can use Adobe Spark or iMovie to add footage, photos and music to your videos! 
  • Creative Commons and Pixabay have images music, and video that individuals can repurpose legally. 
  • OpenShot is a free video editing software available for download on Mac, Window, and Linux.
  • Check out more free resources here