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How Has the YES Program Led You to Dismantle Stereotypes?

A world map with students faces on top of it

On November 9th, YES alumni attended the Digital Storytelling Webinar for International Education Week, facilitated by award-winning film experts Wendy Jacques and Austin Haeberle. Participants learned about creating impact videos and telling their own story about cultural exchange to an international audience.

Using the digital storytelling skills they learned from the webinar, YES alumni were invited to create impact videos for International Education Week explaining how the YES program has led them to dismantle stereotypes in their home countries or in the U.S. Through this project, YES alumni were able to reflect on their YES experiences and share personal stories of specific moments that helped them change other people’s perspectives or their own.

On November 24th, the YES alumni who participated in the video challenge attended the IEW film festival with YES stakeholders and had the opportunity to share more about their stories and video production process. 

Watch the YES Alumni videos below or on the YES YouTube channel