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Ina Ayu Primastuti Insta Alum Series

Ayu Primastuti (YES 2010-11, Indonesia, hosted with PAX in Arizona) has been an active alumna, serving 4 years as Vice-President of the Indonesian YES Alumni Association and Project Officer for national YES selection. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications Science from Universitas Padjadjaran.

In 2015, she attended the YES Alumni Association Leader Training in Tunisia and is a facilitator for many YES events, delivering sessions that enrich the YES student orientations. “The YES program transformed me to be a better version of myself and I am grateful for this amazing opportunity. My exchange experience encouraged me to think outside myself; it’s always on my mind that I want to create positive impact and give back to community. My interest in saving the environment has really grown, and I work for Divers Clean Action, an NGO which focuses on marine debris issue. Previously, I joined with other three USG alumni from different program to establish the Indonesian Youth Marine Debris Summit and served as Communications Manager. Starting from zero, the team partnered with companies and ministries to grant 70 young leaders a full scholarship for a one-year series of workshops, field trips, and action planning.”

“Going to another side of the planet with the mission of mutual understanding between cultures truly pushed me beyond my own horizon. I gained survival skills which have been useful not just for the program, but for my entire life."

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