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Inspired by History in Philadelphia

Amanda Damayanthi  Inanh11 Ezpass
In October, my Cluster from the New York metro area visited National Constitution Center in historical Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the most attractive museum I've ever seen in the US. Located on Independence Mall, the National Constitution Center presents the U.S. Constitution as an interesting thing to learn. There are multimedia exhibitions, live performances, high-technology historical documents, and statues of Founding Fathers of the United States. The atmosphere in this museum has amazed me so much because it really made you feel like being in the same time while the Constitution was drafted.

I personally love being so close to the history; learning about how the ancestors tried so hard to visualize their dreams into actions, learning about how history tells us little paces--step by step--to gain an ideal life for everyone at that time. This just inspired me to do the same. I always look forward to figuring out what actions we can do now to gain a better life for future generations... and I dare say that the National Constitution Center is a great place for those who really want to be inspired by history. Experiencing first-hand 'Constitution Euphoria' in Philadelphia was the best thing ever about my October :)
--Amanda from Indonesia