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Innovation in Jordan

Jordanian Workshop 1

On February 15th, 40 Jordanian YES alumni from different cohorts came together to participate in an intensive one day Innovation Workshop. The training also centered on how to strengthen relationships and reinforce communication skills between youth, highlighting the importance of trust. As part of the innovation workshop, the alumni reflected on the cultural differences they encountered during their exchange year. Afterwards they discussed how they can utilize these experiences to create innovative ideas and projects. 

Jordanian Workshop 1

This special event was organized by Parachute 16, a Jordanian company that aims to enhance entrepreneurial and innovation techniques among businesses and non-profit organizations in the Middle East and North Africa. The day revolved around six interactive activities that focused on team building, opening mindsets to innovation, communication, and leadership. All topics that are especially pertinent for YES alumni!

Jordanian Workshop 5

Activities included a series of games to help inspire creativity, teamwork, and communications skills such as:  

  • Neighborhood: to open the minds of the students and let them be more create and innovative.
  • Wallet Design: learn about ideation, creativity, resource management and marketing.
  • Linkage: enhance students’ idea of leadership and communication in teamwork.
  • Roll-On: purely about communication and leadership.
  • Puzzle: designed to improve communication, problem solving, trust, and working under pressure.
  • Building the Bridge: to experience clear messaging, emotional intelligence, leadership, and teamwork.

Jordanian Workshop 2


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