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Kiswa, a Winter Made Warmer

Three Young People Standing With A Stack Of Boxes And Bags Of Donations With A Ladybird School Sign

By: Abdulmalik Alshin (YES 2021-2022, Libya, placed by World Link in Littleton, CO) 

When I returned to my home country of Libya in June 2022, I quickly became an active member of the YES Alumni Association Libya (YAAL). I got involved with an alumni project led by older alumni, which ignited my own urge to lead a project. With winter right around the corner, it was perfect timing for “Kiswa.”  

Starting in December 2022, the Kiswa project lasted for a month and a half. During this time, we ran an awareness campaign on social media, followed by a collection campaign over a few days in Tripoli. Through the campaign, we collected winter goods such as clothes, shoes, blankets, and heaters, and distributed them to families in need within the community.  

At first, the project was just a mere idea, and I had no clue how to go about implementing it. The most beautiful thing about being a YES alum is that you have a community beside you to go to when you need help. I received the help and support of fellow alumni as I overcame the obstacles I faced during the project. The most difficult thing was the launch, but once you take the first step, you can surely handle the rest.   

Stack Of Donations With Many Boxes And Bags Of Clothes

The Kiswa project worked with two international schools to collect donations and promote the spirit of volunteerism. We collected over 250 clothing items that covered age groups ranging from newborns to adults. We also collected shoes, blankets, heaters, and more than 700 LYD (~150 USD) in monetary donations. We also worked with two charity organizations who helped distribute the donations received in different cities across Libya.  

I am so thankful to everyone who made Kiswa possible, including the donors, partner schools and organizations, and all the alumni who contributed and worked diligently to make it a success. I especially want to thank Taima Ashour ‘22, Taha Frefir ‘19, Mohammed Nayhoum ‘22, and Waad Alhares ‘18 who took on a leadership role and devoted many hours to the project.  

Taima Ashour (YES 2021-2022, Libya, placed by Aspect Foundation in Rich Field, UT) 

Taha Frefir (YES 2018-2019, Libya, placed by Ayusa in San Antonio, TX) 

Mohammed Nayhoum (YES 2021-2022, Libya, placed by AFS-USA in Sitka, AK) 

Waad Alhares (YES 2017-2018, Libya, placed by AYUSA in Forest Grove, OR)