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Learning Through Job Shadowing

R Sa Masala With City Admin Job Shadow

Masala (YES 2019-2020, South Africa, hosted by ASSE in Mapleton, GA) was highlighted in her host community’s local news when she spent a day shadowing Ms. Tammi Saddler Jones, City Administrator for Smyrna, Georgia.  Masala was also able to attend a City Council meeting and met the Mayor. Masala expressed she had a wonderful time learning about what Tammi does and about the city. Ms. Sadler Jones also enjoyed learning more about Masala and her home country of South Africa.  

“I learnt a lot while spending my day with Tammi. I'm really glad I got a chance to shadow someone in the political/community leadership role. My goal during this project was to shadow someone outside of my interested field. I want to go into the business world so I decided since I already know quite a lot about that, that I'd like to expand my knowledge and interests. And I was right, the community and political side is nothing that I knew about. I'm more informed about it and I may have an interest in that field now that I know what it's like.”

Rsa Masala And Mayor Max Bacon