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Macedonian Student Dances Classmates to a New Culture

Noemi  Causidis 2

I've had many great unforgettable experiences since arriving to the USA.  One of them was International Education Week.  During this week, my two friends, exchange students from Georgia and Serbia, and I, did our best to represent our countries to our community here.  We did presentations on our countries to the teachers, students, elementary school staff and students, and even to the health department.

People were interested in what we had to say.  They asked us questions and tried to find out as much as they could about us and where we come from.

We finished the week with the best presentation of all.  During the two lunch periods we represented our national dances.  We did a Georgian, Serbian and a Macedonian dance.  Some of our American friends joined us too.  People were taping the dance and cheering for us.  The whole school was talking about it afterwards.  The part that made me really happy is that I didn't just represent my own national dance, but I also learned a Georgian and a Serbian one.  I am proud to say that I can even go back home and present those two to my country.

This whole year has been unbelievable - so many new things, so many interesting people and happenings.  In a couple of months I will return home and go on with my life there, but I will always talk about "my days in the USA."

Noemi C., YES Macedonia '11