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Meeting my Host Family

Ken Christine Onyango Afs Grad With Hfam

By Christine Onyango (YES 2018-2019, Kenya, placed with AFS-USA in Cheboygan, MI)

I remember when I first arrived in Pelston, Michigan. I was extremely super nervous. I kept on picturing the possibilities: what I would say when I met my host family, how they would react, and the fact that I was so scared.

Ken Christine Onyango And Hma At 1St American Wedding

Then I saw the big sign with my name on it, and my heart started to pound so hard that I was sure people could hear it. But I came to realize that my worries were all insignificant. The first thing I noticed was how nice and open my host family was with me. They were extremely caring even before I really got to know them. They were so nice to me I found myself so chatty with them that I forgot how nervous I was.

I also had the chance to have a private tour on our drive back from Pelston to Cheboygan. I was also going to meet three cats who I was terrified of meeting! But when I met the cats, I realized that cats weren't so scary after all.