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My National Day!

Kuwait Photo

By Dhari Al-Otaibi (YES 2019 – 2020, Kuwait, hosted by Greenheart in Lynnwood, WA)

Kuwaitis keep February 25 and 26 close to their hearts, because on those two days we celebrate our national holiday. Ever since I was here in the U.S. I’ve always wondered on how I would celebrate Kuwait’s National Day, so I planned to use this holiday as a chance to share my country’s history and culture. 

I invited my peers on the school’s morning announcement to wear the colors of Kuwait’s national flag, green, red, white, and black in order to celebrate the National Day with me. I also gave two presentations on that day, and went to the food bank to volunteer while wearing ‘dishdasha,’ Kuwait’s cultural attire! Many people asked me about what and why was I wearing the dishdasha, and these questions helped me share my culture with them. 

Food Bank Group Photo

Volunteers at the food bank also learned some Kuwaiti Dance moves which was entertaining, and many were also surprised on how I kept my dishdasha clean! I felt very proud on those two days, and I will always remember how I represented my country in such a classy way! 


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