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My Virtual Exchange


By Yllka K. (YES 2020-2021, Kosovo, virtually placed with YFU in Murphy, TX)

I'm Yllka, a senior in high school in Kosovo. I spend a good amount of my time doing community service, which indicates my passion for diversity. Since I enjoy the differences within communities, the virtual exchange experience has been a great place to meet people with various backgrounds. I've been able to get to know American culture way better than what's portrayed in the media and movies.

Screen captures from my exchange sister's virtual surprise birthday party

I am placed in Murphy, Texas and even though originally I was supposed to be there this time of the year, the virtual exchange program has really given me the opportunity to exchange my world. From celebrating my exchange sister's birthday and knowing my host mom's famous Thanksgiving dishes to conversing with my American peers on what they do on a normal basis, the YES program has already broadened my horizon and given me a new sense of perspective. On my exchange sister's birthday we all decorated our backgrounds, cooked a birthday cake, and had birthday-themed donuts. 

I look forward to the next months of the virtual program as I am excited to see what's in store for us and the other 2020-2021 YES finalists. 

Screenshot 3 1
Presenting Kosovo's flag to my American peers and the meaning behind it.