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Oman's Collaborative Leadership Seminar

Alumni  Photo

On the 22nd and 23rd of June, alumni from Oman participated in the Collaborative Leadership Seminar. This two day conference provided students the opportunity to refine their public speaking and leadership skills, while discussing contemporary topics on Omani culture. Students from the YES program, ACCESS Microscholarship, and the Global Leaders Program participated in a series of workshops, which offered students the opportunity to share their diverse and multi-cultural educational experiences.

Sean Campbell, a professional youth speaker and advocate who has facilitated similar seminars for YES alumni in Tunsia, Egypt, and Yemen, lead groups to discuss and present sustainable solutions to social issues, building their ability to effectively work in teams and speak confidently in public. Mr. Campbell and other facilitators from AMIDEAST supported students as they brainstormed, crafted, and proposed long-term sustainable community service projects.

Participants spent the first day practicing their public speaking and presentation skills, first individually and then in groups. Students then identified social issues of concern to them to address. Topics included health awareness, false stereotypes, bullying in school, and poverty. The second day of the conference saw students identify and develop realistic solutions for these issues.

The conference was successful in developing lasting relationships between students from a number of different educational programs. The bonds between such high achieving students will enable them to make a lasting difference for their country in the future. It is our hope that similar seminars will be possible in future years.