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This Ramadan, Basil Najar (YES 2008 - 2009) continued his annual project, “Orphan Iftar,” and made it bigger and better. On Monday, May 27th, Basil and his fellow YES alumni from Jordan organized an Iftar meal at the Mayar International School for 105 orphans and economically disadvantaged children from several underprivileged areas. The school offered their playground and buses to host this event. Basil organized and directed the event with the help of 17 YES alumni and a few other helpers, including four bus drivers.

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The alumni were divided into two groups to oversee ten children each. They played with them, made sure they all ate, and enjoyed their time together. The children broke their fast with BBQ, salads, and a cold refreshment to help ease the summer heat. provided all the desserts and made fresh chocolate waffles during the event!

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The children also played group sports and had their faces painted. The night ended with music, dancing, and much laughter. All of the activities helped build the children’s self-esteem, communication skills, and tolerance, and encouraged them to give back to the community. This project also encouraged the YES alumni to implement similar initiatives and take the lead in community services. 

One of the YES volunteers, Barik Mhadeen (YES 2008 - 2009) shared, "The Iftar was one of the most refreshing experiences I have gone through in a really long time. The place was full of joyful, happy, and kind vibes from both the children and volunteers alike. It reminded us, once again, of the power of what a small, but caring and dedicated group, such as the YES alumni, can effortlessly do to brighten the days and moments of those around us."

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